• Buy and Sell Services

    Looking for a local wedding planner, or photographer, or someone to walk your dog? Or maybe you want to earn some money offering moving service. You don’t need to worry. Pointters is the trusted place to go whether you are buying or selling services locally or online.

  • Live and Custom Offers

    Whether you are looking to get something done online or locally, getting live offers on Pointters app is super-easy. Also you can ask seller to customize a service if you have any special need.

  • Social Network and Chat

    With Pointters, you can talk about services and follow your friends and get updates on services they suggest. You can get services done in a easy way thru chat. Pointters is not only designed to help individuals, but also communities. With this app, jobs and great community relationships can be created.

Awesome Benefits

Pointters is packed with benefits no other apps can provide. It’s an app that not only gives people convenience when finding products and services, but also connects individuals and communities.

  • Sell and Buy Services

    Need a car service? Maybe you need someone to fix your water pipes. Just use the app and pick the right service provider for you, or start selling your services.

  • Social Network and Chat

    Social networking and chat features are designed to be simple, easy, and convenient for you to get your services done.

  • Save Money

    See service pricing and compare price and quality among service providers to pick the best match for your need.

  • Live Offers

    Post what you need and get live offers from service providers, and order the best service that match your need. It's that simple!

  • Reviews and Ratings

    Pointters allows users to rate and review the services completed, so you’re rest assured that what you’ll get will really meet your needs.

  • Trust

    Feel safe about who is coming to do your service. Local service providers go thru background check or business verification.

The Smarter Way to Get Services Done

Post what service you need is very easy. Just open the app, type in your request and post it. That’s it! Enjoy the results you will get.

Pointters is setup to not only help individuals but also whole communities. Allowing communities to post requests and get live offers for the best services. With Pointters, jobs and great community relationships can be created.

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